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Make the sweet and tangy Chinese takeout classic at home in your slow-cooker.

You love your slow cooker and we love ours! It’s one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, and will never fall out of favor, so we’re big fans of blogger Kelly Kwok’s new cookbook. While you may think of beef stews and other long braises when it comes to this device, consider slow cooker sweet and sour chicken, for example. Not every Asian dish is slow cooker-friendly, but the ones that are can certainly benefit from “set it and forget it!”

When I was younger, sweet and sour anything was one of my favorite flavors and anytime my mom made it, my brothers and I would rush to help set the table. Here, tender bite-sized chicken, sweet pineapple and crunchy bell peppers get a generous coating of the sweet and tangy sauce. This is a lighter version of the classic Cantonese dish but is just as delicious!

Reprinted with permission from The Asian Slow Cooker