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No oven? No problem! This elegant slow-cooker French lemon cake is as low-maintenance as it is beautiful to behold.

Your slow cooker is your straight and narrow path to a delicious dinner full of flavor, but did you know you can make a ton of desserts with this simple, versatile appliance? Welcome dessert to the “set it and forget it” world with this citrusy lemon cake. 

We fell in love with the moist, soft texture of this cake. It is wonderful with the tart lemon glaze and even better topped with the glaze and fresh berries. Be prepared for your friends to request the recipe for themselves.

TIP: Lemon zest is easy to grate using a Microplane grater. Remember that the wonderful, intense lemon flavor you want is in the colored portion — the white pith is bitter.

Reprinted with permission from Slow Cooker Desserts