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If you have a great butcher in your neighborhood, take a break from making burgers and meatloaf and cook up a batch of expertly seasoned jerky instead. The team over at SlantShack gave us tips for transforming your oven into a jerky-making machine (hint: all you need is a fork). They threw in a basic marinade recipe to get you started.

Think of jerky as a blank slate for you to test out your marinating concepts. SlantShack suggests adding some spices or fruit juices to mix things up, but really any ingredient you have can be marinade material. On top of being addictingly good, jerky is also incredibly easy to make — serve it as a snack with beer or gift it to your foodie friends. 

Note: Home-cooked jerky is best done over the span of two days. Day 1 you should prepare the marinade and meat, allowing for an overnight marinating. Day 2 is for cooking. 

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