I may never how to make authentic Singaporean chicken rice, so I decided to create a contemporary spin on the ubiquitous Singaporean dish by fusing it with one of my favorite all-American applications: the chicken wing. 

I discovered chicken rice at the famed Maxwell Hawker Center during my trip to Singapore over the summer. When I realized I'd very likely never be able to recreate its simple perfection, I scribbled a bunch of theories in my notebook, took them home, analyzed them and came up with this "best of both worlds" solution.

Ginger is necessary — it's in the brine, the glaze and the rice. As much spicy, fragrant ginger flavor as you can fit in there is how close you'll get to the hawker stall original. But the sheer novelty of the first bite of each of your wings containing a mouthful of gingery rice should be enough to shock those who believe there is no new way to re-invent the wing. There most definitely is.