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Tender braised celery, tangy goat cheese and crisp, earthy pecans. That's a culinary jackpot right there.

Australian chef Chris Honor is a master of his craft: elevating vegetable dishes using the best product, keeping things utterly simple and bringing vibrant, healthy produce-driven food to the masses. His North London restaurant, Chriskitch, is a must-visit for any fan of fresh, vegetable-forward cuisine, and his new cookbook is packed with hits. 

It is not often you see celery taking center stage on the plate; it is usually just an add-on, like chopped onions. But celery has great flavor and deserves to be enjoyed for what it is. So here is a recipe to get it out of the crisper and onto the table. It’s equally good as a room-temperature side dish for grilled meats.

Reprinted with permission from Chriskitch: Big Flavors From a Small Kitchen