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photo: foonus on Flickr

Vanilla ice cream. So simple, so maligned for its being, well vanilla. And yet so delicious. Especially on a hot day. Can you buy vanilla ice cream almost anywhere? Sure. But what if you made it yourself (provided you have an ice cream maker), and it was better than anything you grab out of a freezer at the corner store? You’d be psyched, right? And you’d have a template that’s great on its own, or just a simple base for toppings, flavors, ice cream sodas, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, whatever! Vanilla ice cream. Think about it. You’re feeling cooler already. 

Oh yeah, and we’ve tried a lot of vanilla ice cream recipes, and we’ve tested this one, and we feel that this recipe will give you the richest, the creamiest vanilla ice cream you’ll ever need.