If you can make guacamole, you can make ceviche — its as simple as that. And when it comes to making a big bowl of something for a crowd, you can go with the guac, or take it a step further and knock out a killer spicy-tangy shrimp ceviche just as worthy (if not more worthy) of your tortilla chips. But wait, its not just for snacking! Ditch the chips and fry up whole tortillas, also known as tostadas, to serve as a crispy bed for your ceviche when you want a light first course or a refreshing lunch.

Now back to that guacamole claim. You know how to dice avocados and other veggies for this famous party staple. You can squeeze a lime. That means shrimp ceviche is right around the corner. Expert tip: a well-done tortilla (fried a few seconds longer) makes a sturdier bed for ceviche and will stand up to all its delicious juices without becoming soggy. Check out this easy-squeezy technique in the video below: