Sweet and fiery hot watermelon sauce is the perfect hit of spicy acidity for Thai shrimp cakes. (Photo: Paul Harrison.)

It happens to me every summer. I go to the store, see the watermelons and the voice in my head says, “Ooooooh, watermelon!” Then I buy a whole watermelon. It’s not easy to eat a whole watermelon by yourself. Around the time the last quarter of it is left, that watermelon is probably getting close to its expiration date. I could cut it up and freeze it, but that’s boring. And I don’t really drink smoothies, anyway. But recently I found the answer to my predicament: hot sauce.

My favorite combination of flavors is spicy and sweet, so while this may seem a little out of left field, it’s actually a totally logical combination. It also makes sense because watermelon with lime and salt is amazing, and adding a little heat to that (or a lot of heat) seems like the next natural step.

You can put this hot sauce on anything (it’s particularly good on fish tacos), but this time around I put it on some Thai shrimp cakes — also a good idea. And I added a little herb salad in there, too, because, you know. We have to keep up appearances while eating spicy fried things.