The great thing about a pizza crust is it even looks like a blank slate! And that’s just what it is, which is why you should pick up a copy of culinary author Suzanne Lenzer’s new book, Truly Madly Pizza. Whether you’re going for a carnivore’s dream or lightening up with roasted vegetables and herbs, a devout mozzarella sprinkler or on the hunt for something more pungent, there’s a recipe in this book for you. 

The thing about pizza is it’s really a blank canvas for anything delicious. Which is why I frequently borrow combinations of ingredients from other dishes I’ve made and just drop them on a crust. This is a mix of flavors and a technique I discovered in a risotto recipe (thank you, Jamie Oliver). The technique for roasting mushrooms infuses them with an intense aromatic flavor while also caramelizing them perfectly — they don’t get soupy — and the rich and earthy texture is the ideal foil to a warm, luscious (and yes, slightly stinky) Taleggio.

Reprinted with permission from Truly Madly Pizza