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This sherry-glazed pork belly from award-winning chef Naomi Pomeroy is a beautiful block of porky perfection.

We’re craving sherry-glazed pork belly, thanks to James Beard Award–winning chef Naomi Pomeroy’s fantastic new cookbook. Taste & Technique is a collection of Pomeroy’s favorite recipes and the step-by-step skills you’ll need to pull them off expertly at home. Dig into this informative book and up your dinner party game with dishes like these!

I was nervous about making pork belly at Beast because a lot of people shy away from how fatty it is. In a restaurant where customers eat a set menu, serving something they might not like is a risky proposition. However, I shouldn’t have worried, because this is now one of my most popular dishes, and everybody who tastes it loves it.

This dish is all about balance—the sherry glaze brings an acidic touch that cuts through the richness, and the toasted levain bread that it’s served on soaks up some of the porky juices.

This recipe takes 3 days to complete, and although most of the time is passive, you do need to plan ahead. Because of the time it requires, I don’t recommend halving the recipe, even if you’re only serving four. If you don’t serve all of the pork belly, you can freeze the remainder for another use, such as slicing into strips and pan-frying them for a glamorous BLT or cutting into chunks for tossing into a breakfast hash.

A note about the brine: Most of my brines are 5 percent salt by weight, but this one is 7 percent salt because the belly really needs it. At 5 percent, it tastes underseasoned, so follow the measurements carefully.

Reprinted with permission from Taste & Technique