If you’re searching for your favorite new way to serve cauliflower, consider this fantastic shaved cauliflower salad from executive chef Matt Ford of Americano in Dallas. It’s bright, crisp and flavor-packed, and a perfect accompaniment to grilled meat or fish. From Chef Ford:

“Before Americano opened, I was looking at different Italian/Mediterranean salads and cold dishes for menu development. Time after time I would see roasted or raw vegetables marinated and served cold. On menus all over the place you see cold raw broccoli salads, even the horrendous ones I had as a child. So why couldn’t cauliflower work?There are actually a large amount of heirloom cauliflowers that originated in Italy.

Cauliflower has very earthy, hearty properties, so I thought a nice bright acid like fresh lemon juice would be great, with that acidic of a dressing a nice plumped sweet golden raisin would help balance the acid and toasted pistachios would round out the dish and give it another layer of flavor. I have been extremely surprised on how well received it has been. Most months it outsells our Caesar salad, and in a Italian American restaurant, that is unheard of.”