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Grab your shallots and hold them close: it's ShackMeister Burger time, courtesy of NYC's Shake Shack.

We’re crazy-excited about Shake Shack’s juicy new cookbook, out just in time for National Burger Day and Food Republic’s own Burger Week. We’ve waited in the lines, tried everything on the menu and dutifully (and proudly) touted the perfection of Shake Shack’s simple fare to out-of-state family and friends. And now, we can all recreate these magnificent patties at home. Learn how to make a ShackMeister Burger with bacon, fried shallots and the creamy glory that is Shack Sauce.

Where do our burger ideas come from? The idea for our ShackMeister burger was born to compete at the annual Burger Bash at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami. Not surprisingly, every one of us had an opinion. Ultimately, good old-fashioned comfort and simplicity triumphed. We went with our simplest burger. And we won!

Reprinted with permission from Shake Shack