Best-selling healthy blogger and cookbook author Kathryne Taylor has a new collection of recipes out that will revitalize your produce game like you never thought possible. Toss aside all preconceived notions of what it means to create a truly satisfying vegetarian meal and pick up this book. We’ll make these sesame soba spring rolls over and over. 

Fresh spring rolls are Vietnamese. Soba noodles are Japanese. I’m sure I’m upsetting someone by mixing the two cuisines, but they go so well together! Rice noodles are common spring roll fillings, but I opted for soba noodles instead, which are made with buckwheat flour. They add some nutritious, nutty flavor to the rolls.

Don’t worry about the rice papers — they seem intimidating at first, but they’re fairly easy to manage. Working one by one, you’ll soak each brittle, translucent round in warm water for just a few seconds, and they’ll turn into pliable and stretchy skins right before your eyes. If you are already a pro at rolling burritos or swaddling babies, you have great potential when it comes to wrapping spring rolls.

Peanut Allergy Note: If you’re serving someone with a peanut allergy, substitute almond butter or sunflower butter for the peanut butter.

Reprinted with permission from Love Real Food