Chef Kristen Kish has won the hearts and palates of America, whether leading the kitchen in Boston or battling it out on Top Chef. Her unique style of cooking and relationship with innovative flavors has earned her accolades of all kinds, and her new cookbook is a testament to a hard-earned career. Learn how to make her seared lobster and you may never go back to simple drawn butter again. 

This was one of my favorite dishes on my tasting menu at Menton. The sauce came to me first, as a way to use the trimmed ends of foie gras once the lobes were portioned for the seared foie gras course. The pickled radish was next, to add some balance to the rich sauce. Perhaps surprisingly, the lobster came last, but you’d never know it from the way it goes so well.

Note: If you don’t have a vacuum sealer to compress the radishes, you can simply marinate the radish slices in the vinegar, water, sugar and thyme.

Reprinted with permission from Kristen Kish Cooking