Too many people don’t know about scotch eggs. They’re a genius combination of two major players in the brunch game — sausage and eggs — into one baseball-sized package of perfection. The concept of this beloved English pub snack is simple: hard-boil an egg for slightly less time than you normally would (about 8 minutes), cool, peel and sculpt a layer of ground pork sausage around it (lightly — lightly is key). Roll the sausaged egg in egg (that has to be treif to someone), bread it and fry until golden. If you’re of the spicy persuasion, feel free to knead a little cayenne pepper into the sausage before you coat the eggs.

I recommend using the best eggs you can find, since a firm but creamy yolk is what you’re shooting for. Free-range yolks simply have a lot more going for them, flavorwise. If you can pull that off (bragging rights for making your own incredibly easy pork sausagefoolproof breadcrumbs and way more flavorful mayonnaise), you’re about to discover a dish that makes deviled eggs jealous. Go the extra mile by enjoying with a great British beer. Now that I think of it, these would be great to stuff into a turducken.