If renowned Maine chef and food writer Erin French isn’t yet on your radar, get acquainted with her now! Her recent cookbook, named for her storied restaurant, is packed with the recipes that made her famous. These seared scallops with grapefruit and fennel salad will freshen your shellfish repertoire right up!

Whereas raw scallops are sexy, soft, and delicate, their seared counterparts are meaty, juicy and rich. Cooked for mere seconds in a cast-iron pan and basted with butter (which melds with the scallops’ natural brine to make the easiest-ever pan sauce), seared scallops are the best party trick because you don’t have to stand at the stove for long to put out a dish that’s refined, bright and totally delicious. Serve as-is for a casual dinner or make smaller portions for an elegant starter or first course for eight to ten people.

Reprinted with permission from The Lost Kitchen