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This simple, fragrant pasta preparation highlights the hidden flavor packed inside caramelized onions.

Steer clear of Americanized, fat-laden carbohydrate bombs disguised as Italian food, and get back to basics. Food writer, blogger and registered dietician Alexandra Caspero has a new collection of recipes out that strips your pasta of all things excessive, while leaving the flavor, toothsome texture and healthy ingredients you love.

Get ready for your kitchen to smell heavenly! The secret to this pasta is cooking the onions until they’re a deep golden brown, intense with flavor to balance the minimal ingredients. They should be mostly broken down, almost melting into the hot pasta to create a simple sauce. To prevent them from becoming mushy, stir only occasionally.

To make this more of a carbonara instead of a cream sauce, omit the cream and beat together one egg with the Parmesan cheese. Add to the hot pasta along with the caramelized onions and serve immediately.

Reprinted with permission from Fresh Italian Cooking for the New Generation