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This sausage pita with cumin, orange and olive is a flatbread play on Greek loukanikos.

Some of the best sweet and savory pastries in the world hail from the Middle East, so join James Beard Award–winning chef-bakers Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick on their journey through Turkey and beyond. Their new cookbook, Soframiz, is packed with the very best, breadiest baked goods this side of the Euphrates. This sausage pita with cumin is an addictive new way to enjoy your flatbread.

The combination of cumin and orange creates a flavor that is unmistakably Greek. Pickled peppers and orange zest cut through the richness of this interpretation of loukanika, a popular Greek-style sausage. This flatbread is a Sofra favorite and has been on our menu since the day we opened. In Greece, this pita would be made with a yeasted flatbread like the manoushe but I find my yufka recipe easier to work with to achieve a thinness that’s proportionate to the filling. You can substitute a store-bought pita for this that is already cooked. You will want to split the pita in half (or butterfly it) so that you have two rounds to work with and so that it remains thin. The method is the same as for gozleme, but the flavors are something you would taste only in Greece.

Cook’s Notes: When making flatbreads that require yufka dough, you can substitute commercial yufka, country-style phyllo, or lavash bread, but the results won’t be as flaky and tender as the yufka you make from scratch. All of the above substitutes are precooked so you can fill them and toast them as described in each recipe.

Reprinted with permission from Soframiz