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sausage biscuit recipe
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Drive away from the drive-thru, we’ve got a hot biscuit with your name on it. It’s in your fridge. Maybe even your freezer. And guess what, if you want to ignore the whole making-the-sausage-and-biscuits-yourself thing, we won’t judge you. We realize both sausage patties and biscuits come pre-formed in the freezer aisle. Go for it. But if you feel like getting your Southern Man on, whip up a mess of these 3-ingredient, 3-step biscuits, smush down a few sausage patties and watch brunch get hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch. That’s something Southern people say, right? 

Use a half-batch of fresh pork sausage to make 12 patties. Freeze the rest and bring ’em to work for breakfast.

Feel free to pop some eggs in there, too: