In honor of national hot dog season, we present to you the Italian grandaddy of all elongated meat in a bun: The sausage and pepper hero. We're not even going to tell you to go out and buy one for lunch. This is all you. If you have a grill, you can make it right. If you have a grill pan, you can make it right. If you have nothing in your kitchen but a pan, a knife and a cutting board, this hefty sandwich is in your very near future. As in 7/20 near.

We made this recipe in our test kitchen in under 20 minutes, start-to-finish, which means you can too. Get creative, use some crazy exotic turtle and fontina sausage you found at the specialty market, or try peppers with varying levels of sweet and heat like Anaheim chiles or poblanos. Fry up Vidalias for a hit of pungent sweetness or reds for the manliest pink onions you've ever seen. We topped ours off with a squirt of spicy mustard to boot.

Submit your wildest sausage and pepper pairing to our Flickr pool and there just may be something in it for you (probably sausage-related).