Salted Caramel Dreams is one of the most beautiful book titles we’ve encountered, and the recipes within are as …salted caramel-y as you’re imagining (but better!) Stock way up on butter, sugar and cream and prepare to dive into a world of slightly salty sweets. This salted caramel peanut butter is the sweet, creamy spread you’ll never be able to forget. 

If there’s one product that causes a bun fight on my sweet stall it’s this, and I don’t blame them. People tell me not to give it to them as they know it’s a one-way ticket to a one-pot, one-spoon love-in. Here’s the recipe, dare to make it or don’t…

Natural (organic) peanut butter is prone to separation, so it might need a good stir before you start.

Reprinted with permission from Salted Caramel Dreams