Salsa verde might be the most popular salsa in Mexico, even more than red tomato–based Pico de Gallo. In Mexico, you rarely find Pico de Gallo in taquerías as a salsa — more often it is found served as a salad on the side. This green salsa is really easy to make and brings great flavor and freshness to almost everything. People love it for its fruity flavor, and it’s very popular at my restaurant Pulqueria. It’s a versatile recipe — instead of blending the ingredients, you can chop them all, add some cilantro and avocado and serve it like Pico de Gallo as a salad or a side. Or you can add this salsa verde cruda to a guacamole for increased texture and juiciness.

If you want to keep things basic, make a large batch and serve it with homemade tortilla chips.