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A humble ingredient, elevated to royal status by Gjelina chef Travis Lett.

Los Angeles fine-dining haven Gjelina should be high up on your must-visit list. Boy, that L.A. list is getting long. Helmed by chef Travis Lett and chock-full of the best of California’s local produce and protein bounty, Gjelina — the “G” is silent — is one of the city’s hottest tables. Pick up a copy of Lett’s new book and see what Angelenos are raving about. These grits aren’t made with any ordinary cornmeal. Source the best of the best and watch this simple, humble dish sing. 

Look for coarse-ground, new-crop grits, either white or yellow. What matters most is your ability to find field-ripened, coarsely ground grits, which are vastly superior to commodity cornmeal. The robust corn flavor of these grits is so intense that it really needs little embellishment. Substitute any cultivated variety of mushroom you like for the wild mushrooms here. But if you do happen upon some good-looking wild fungi, by all means take advantage and use them.

Reprinted with permission from Gjelina