Afraid to bake because you think you’ll mess it up? Grab a copy of blogger-turned-cookbook author Charmian Christie’s The Messy Baker and break out that flour. Whether you’re a shaky-handed cake fiend or a pie lover who just can’t seem to make an aesthetically pleasing pastry, there’s a recipe in here for you. First up, Italian breadsticks — grissini — that actually look better a little malformed. 

These long, thin, crunchy breadsticks appeal to the child in me. I love how they snap when bitten and release their olive undertone. Even more, I love to play with them. Use them instead of a spoon to stir creme fraiche into your soup. Turn them into edible chopsticks and devour some roasted cauliflower or challenge your fellow diners to a grissini duel. The winner gets all the breadsticks.

Reprinted with permission from The Messy Baker