The dude who helped make “umami” a household word, Adam Fleischman, along with LA-based writer (and former Food Republic contributor) Tien Nguyen, bring us Flavor Bombs, the cookbook dedicated to adding that fifth dimension of flavor to every dish possible. Start with this roquefort and mushroom fondue that offers some funk and a whole lot of flavor.

I first started making this fondue for parties more than a decade ago. I wanted something easy and tasty that I could make in advance, then keep warm and serve as my guests arrived. I also wanted to have something that would go well with anything else I planned to serve, whether it was roasted fingerling potatoes or some crusty bread or charcuterie. This fit the bill.

The superstars of this fondue are the shiitake mushrooms and Roquefort cheese, two ingredients high in umami. The Roquefort in particular is super high in umami. It’s an aged cheese, like Parmigiano-Reggiano. As we know, the longer a cheese ages, the more glutamates concentrate in it; the more glutamates, the more umami.

Use the best-quality cheese you can buy here. I prefer triple crème Brie over double crème because it’s creamier when melted. Pick up a white wine that you would actually drink. The better the cheese and the better the wine, the better this fondue will be.

Flavor Tip: Roquefort is a delicious but super-strong cheese. What’s cool about this dish is that the Brie mellows it out and brings the dish into harmony.

Reprinted with permission from Flavor Bombs: The Umami Ingredients That Make Taste Explode