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Fresh, inventive Israeli food has never been more popular, thanks to chefs like London’s Yotam Ottolenghi and more recently, Toronto-based Danielle Oron. Her new cookbook, Modern Israeli Cooking, is a collection of vibrant new spins on Mediterranean classics, plus recipes from her Israeli-Moroccan upbringing that you’ll make over and over again. Try this take on shakshuka, a popular breakfast dish, updated using fresh Latin ingredients. 

Remember that leftover challah from Friday night? Pull it out along with every other carb in the house. This is the ultimate family-style brunch dish. You’ll find so many versions of this dish all over Israel and now, the United States. Every blogger is making it, and there’s a reason for it: IT’S THE BEST BRUNCH DISH ON EARTH. If you break it down, shakshuka is a dish of eggs poached in (usually) a spiced tomato sauce. This version is made with a few changes to the classic-style shakshuka. The main difference is that I use tomatillos instead of tomatoes, which makes the whole thing green instead of red. I char them under the broiler with a poblano pepper to give more flavor depth in a matter of minutes. This will become a favorite of yours.

Reprinted with permission from Modern Israeli Cooking