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Add a punch of umami to these peppers with some anchovies. (Photo: Penny De Los Santos.)

Your cookbook inventory is not complete without a volume or two from best-selling cookbook author and food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins. For the olive oil fan, her new book, Virgin Territory, is essential. Part olive oil primer and part olive oil recipe goldmine, Jenkins’s guide to all things EVOO will revolutionize the way you make healthy substitutions.

My take on the pepper-and-anchovy antipasto that is so deservedly popular with Italian cooks is a little different from the usual, and very easy to throw together. Serve it as an antipasto, or as a contorno to go with grilled meat or fish, or chop the finished peppers with all the other ingredients and use it to top a dish of pasta. I use big late-summer peppers, mostly red but throwing in a few yellow ones for a colorful touch. I figure on half a pepper per serving — so two peppers will serve four, but use your judgment: Smaller peppers from the farmers’ market might come out to two per serving.

Reprinted with permission from Virgin Territory