David Guas, host of Travel Channel’s American Grilled, shares the recipes, tips and tricks he’s learned during his years on the grilling trail in his new cookbook, Grill Nation. If he’s got grilling advice, you’ll definitely want to take it. This grilled compound butter — yes, grilled compound butter — will melt your heart and enhance your steak at the same time!

Linton Hopkins (chef-owner of Restaurant Eugene and Holeman and Finch, Atlanta) and I worked and lived together in New Orleans. One night off the line, Linton prepared rib eye steaks with rapini, and the first thing he did was slice the top off two heads of garlic and roast them in a cast-iron skillet with a touch of chicken stock, olive oil, salt and pepper. The garlic came out soft and succulently sweet, and we squeezed it all over the meal. I never looked back and made that technique a customary process in my home and professional kitchen. When I’m grilling, I’ll wrap the garlic in foil and cook it directly in the coals. A garlic compound butter that melts into the steak makes you pause long enough to savor every bite.

Reprinted with permission from Grill Nation