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Sweet, sticky, garlicky roast chicken. You pick the side dish.

Fresh, inventive Israeli food has never been more popular, thanks to chefs like London’s Yotam Ottolenghi and, more recently, Toronto-based Danielle Oron. Her new cookbook, Modern Israeli Cooking, is a collection of vibrant new spins on Mediterranean classics, plus recipes from her Israeli-Moroccan upbringing that you’ll make over and over again. Try this simple baked chicken with pungent garlic and sweet dried apricots and leave that prepackaged “herb blend” behind forever. 

Roasted garlic has an intoxicating smell. You can almost taste it in the air. I use roasted garlic to make a paste and smother the chicken in this dish. Letting it marinate overnight allows the flavors to penetrate the chicken, which is incredible, but my favorite part of this dish is the combination of the dried apricots and the garlicky chicken juices. Boy, oh boy.

Reprinted with permission from Modern Israeli Cooking