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Pick up a head of fresh fennel and prepare to win at the veggie sides game. You're playing, right?

Los Angeles fine-dining haven Gjelina should be high up on your must-visit list. Boy, that L.A. list is getting long. Helmed by chef Travis Lett and chock-full of the best of California’s local produce and protein bounty, Gjelina — the “G” is silent — is one of the city’s hottest tables. Pick up a copy of Lett’s new book, and see what Angelenos are raving about. Make fresh fennel sing with bright citrus and a hot pepper kick, and it’ll be the star of the table.

This is a stunning side that goes particularly well with fish and also stands up on its own. I love when you can use multiple parts of the plant in a single dish; with fennel you can use the bulb, stem, fronds, and the pollen that’s harvested from the flowers. Use the best citrus you can find and feel free to substitute tangelos or mandarins.

Reprinted with permission from Gjelina