Thanksgiving is a time for intentional reflection and gratitude, but equally as importantly: FOOD! Thanksgiving has spun out from a one-day feast with family to a multiday, multiparty food bonanza. Friendsgiving dinner parties, cocktail parties, Friday brunches — any excuse to gather with family and friends, eat great food, and celebrate a five-day weekend.

That being said, Thanksgiving food can be boring. Turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes…. You can only eat the same traditional dishes so many times. So we’re shaking things up a bit this Thanksgiving with our Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Brown Butter Sage Bread Crumbs. Your crew will still get their Brussels sprouts fix, but delivered in a totally new and exciting way. If you can find them, buy entire Brussels sprouts stalks, roast the whole stalk and allow guests to cut off their own sprouts by serving the dish alongside a small, sharp paring knife.

Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing with turkey as well as this simple but delicious side dish, making it the ideal accompaniment for all of your Thanksgiving-related feasts this holiday season. The bright, citrusy notes in the wine act as an ideal balance to the richness of any Thanksgiving feast.

Brought to you by our friends at Prophecy Wine.