Chefs Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern create big flavors from the tiny open kitchen of their excellent Brooklyn restaurant Battersby. In their new cookbook, they show us how to make great food in our own humble abodes, like this bright and tasty broccoli dish.

Broccoli seems an unlikely candidate for charring, but the intense contrast creates a compelling effect that gets along as a side dish to any number of fish or meats. The acidic lemon and peppery watercress round out and pull the flavors together. Don’t cut the broccoli florets to uniform size; the smallest ones will darken, adding variety and punctuation to the plate. This is one case where zesting your lemon as you work makes a big difference, because you get the oil along with the zest, perfuming the finished dish. Serve this with just about anything, from white-fleshed fish to roasted chicken or duck to beef.

Reprinted with permission from Battersby