Modern and classic Parisian recipes abound in Tasting Paris, by renowned blogger and author Clotilde Dusolier of Chocolate & Zucchini. Pick up a copy and freshen up your French repertoire in time for your next gathering. These pita sandwiches are the perfect way to enjoy ratatouille on the go.

The small streets of the Marais neighborhood are so charming it hurts, and if you lose yourself in their maze, you will likely happen upon the tiny Jewish quarter around rue des Rosiers. It is here, among the many Ashkenazi delis, that you’ll find Miznon, which quickly stole the heart of Parisians. Created by celebrated Tel Aviv chef Eyal Shani, the tiny place has just a few seats and an open kitchen churning out the most flavorful pita sandwiches I’ve ever tried. The big and fluffy house-made pockets are stuffed to the gills with grilled lamb, herbed chicken salad, or ratatouille and chopped hard-boiled eggs dressed with tahini sauce. (Though they are plenty satisfying, keep room for the “burnt cauliflower” served whole and deliciously charred.)

I can’t give you a recipe for the high-energy ambience of Miznon, the crowd spilling out onto the narrow street and the waitstaff shouting names when orders are ready, but I can help you re-create my favorite vegetarian sandwich.

Notes: As a further departure from the classic, I sometimes add a lemon (preferably organic), sliced into 8 wedges, to roast with the vegetables.

Ratatouille is even better the next day, and it freezes well, too.

Reprinted with permission from Tasting Paris