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Photo: Richard Martin
Pretty up your plate with these radishes and citrus.

We recently drove about two hours north of New York City to visit with Josephine Proul, executive chef at the farm-to-table restaurant Local 111 in small-town Philmont, to see what’s on her early spring menu. This salad draws from Florida’s in-season citrus, plus radishes and other ingredients sourced from Northeast producers. 

Proul tells us that the idea for this salad was that it’d be like a radish crudo, made with thinly sliced watermelon and Easter egg radishes. “Some people think radishes are spicy or bitter, but this salad has some contrast in it,” she says. There’s citrus for acidity, a mint vinaigrette for texture and freshness and almond, “which plays like cheese or meat for a rounding effect,” she explains.