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Make this naturally fermented sourdough bread, a tangy, hearty treat.

Go beyond kimchi, kraut and yogurt and discover a world of foods you never even knew could be fermented. Check out this new collection of recipes from cook, author and homesteader Shannon Stonger, and prepare to cultivate some favorite new dishes. Learn to bake this sourdough farm loaf and never buy store-bought again. 

With flour, salt, starter and water, this bread is an everyday loaf for serving with soups, dunking in olive oil or toasting for breakfast. It is chewy, light and tangy — all that you look for in a loaf of sourdough bread. You can enrich it with honey and butter, but whatever you do, try not to add much flour when kneading. I learned this broken-up kneading technique from the great Peter Reinhart, and it really works to avoid a dense, heavy bread brought on by too much flour.

Reprinted with permission from Traditionally Fermented Foods