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Liven up a plate of roasted marrow bones with a verdant purslane salad.

James Beard Award winning food writer and recipe developer Georgeanne Brennan turns to her adopted home of Provence, France for her latest collection of dishes you’ll want to cook immediately. This purslane salad is chock full of the nutrient-rich wild weed. Crisp, melty roasted marrow bones are the perfect accompaniment. 

Purslane, known as pourpier in France, is a wild green succulent that grows in vineyards and gardens. During spring and summer, it can sometimes be found in the open markets in France and at farmers’ markets in the United States. At my house in California, it comes up every year in the garden, along the edge of the lawn, and in the grape arbor. Farmers consider it a weed, but we cooks love the slightly tart, lemon flavor of its leaves, which makes an ideal counterpart to rich bone marrow. If you can’t find purslane, use wild or baby arugula mixed with watercress.

Reprinted with permission from La Vie Rustic