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These deviled eggs pack a punch and will definitely impress. (Photo: Mark Shaw.)

You may recall my zero-effort kimchi pickled eggs. You can make this recipe with regular boiled eggs or my magical spicy ones. Either way you're in for some fermented cabbage goodness. Kimchi and eggs are a natural pairing. The acid and heat cut the richness of the yolk, so it's only natural that during a deviled egg-inventing rampage I went with something like this.  

Here's the pickling technique my way, and here it is in illustrated gorilla form because we're Food Republic and that's how we do things. Fun fact: the gorilla was originally a mandrill, but that ended up looking weird. Follow our foolproof guide to perfect hard-boiled eggs plus easy tips for peeling them and prepare to impress your guests.

If using kimchi pickled eggs, reduce the amount of kimchi in the yolk mix by one tablespoon and add another teaspoon of mayo, as pickled yolks need a little extra help to soften. I like using Japanese kewpie mayonnaise with any Asian-themed deviled egg for the umami kick, but feel free to use regular mayo.