For those with food commitment issues, there is Graze. It’s a colorful collection of vibrant “not quite a meal, more than a snack” dishes from renowned recipe developer and food stylist Suzanne Lenzer. Whether you’re looking for a late night nosh or light lunch-ish-type-meal, there’s plenty of options in here for you. Get a dose of extra-tasty protein and green vegetables with these prosciutto and asparagus rolls. 

Grazing is all about tasting lots of things but not committing to a single one. It’s the opposite of meal monogamy, the antithesis of boredom at the table. When you graze, you skip from dish to dish, bending the rules of convention like a culinary contortionist. Instead of saying, “Tonight I’ll have a salad,” you flirt first with that dish of briny Cerignola olives to your left, mingle shamelessly with that come-hither-looking bowl of artichokes on your right, and make an absolute spectacle of yourself with the wild mushroom crostini across the way. You scan the table looking for your next conquest, and then you set your sights on barely blanched asparagus spears and baby arugula, dressed with olive oil and lemon and rolled up in velum-thin layers of prosciutto. An Italian-inspired twist on negimaki, these are one of my most reliable kitchen tricks—equal parts easy, impressive, and irresistible.

Reprinted with permission from Graze