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Pork may not be your go-to liver, but don't worry, there's still time to change your ways!

One of our most anticipated cookbooks of the season is here! Olympia Provisions, the famed house of American charcuterie in Portland, Oregon, opens its superb recipe collection to cured-meat fans everywhere. That’s right: You can do this at home. Pick up a copy and some curing salt and get yourself to a butcher, stat!

When I first opened Olympia Provisions, I worried that I would have trouble selling my pork liver pâté, because the other liver pâtés — foie gras, chicken liver and so on — are usually more sought after. Luckily, the year we released it, our pork liver won a Good Food Award (a sort of James Beard Award for responsible artisan producers). It has since become our best-selling pâté. It’s lighter than a standard pâté, and we serve it on almost every charcuterie board we make, coated with olive oil and sprinkled with crunchy salt.

Note: This is a 3-day recipe, with 3 hours of hands-on time.

Reprinted with permission from Olympia Provisions