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Craving spicy Indian food? This pork vindaloo recipe should do the trick.

You know you want to learn how about make Indian food, and this pork vindaloo recipe is a perfect place to start. Pick up a copy of food writer and cooking-school owner Monisha Bharadwaj’s new cookbook, and get to know the basics. With tutorials on spices (and how to use them) and all kinds of techniques from around the subcontinent, The Indian Cooking Course is a hot essential for your culinary library.

This is probably one of the most popular curries on Indian restaurant menus the world over. However, not everyone in India knows a vindaloo as it is a regional Goan curry influenced by the Portuguese, who made it with vinho (wine) and alho (garlic). The wine got replaced with coconut vinegar, making this a spicy, tangy curry that is eaten with rice or savory cakes called sannas. In the Western world, where Indian takeout curries have come to be classified only by heat to make it easy for customers to choose, a vindaloo signifies a spicy dish suitable for the brave. In fact, a traditional Goan vindaloo needs to be only as hot as the cook thinks it should be.

Reprinted with permission from The Indian Cooking Course