We’re huge fans of grillmaster Steven Raichlen’s smoky, meaty cookbooks. His latest work focuses on updating our beloved grilling techniques. Dive into recipes for grilled meats, vegetable sides, desserts and more. Tie up this meaty pork loin reuben tonight.

The pork loin is one of those blank canvas meat cuts—mild tasting and a great foil for whatever big-flavored ingredients with which you choose to stuff it. Notice I said “stuff”: Thanks to its clean cylindrical shape and lack of bones, a loin is easy to butterfly and stuff. It’s also lean, so I like to wrap it in bacon to keep the outside moist. The following pork loin channels a Reuben sandwich, and I think you’ll find the pastrami, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut stuffing as delectable as it is unexpected.

Inside Tip: Unlike a pork shoulder, which you can cook half to death so it will shred, you want to cook a pork loin to temperature: 145°F if you like it with a blush of pink (don’t worry: the USDA now says it’s safe); 155°F if you like your pork cooked through. Use an instant-read thermometer to guide you.

Reprinted with permission from Project Fire