No one can deny a pork belly slider. You can put anything in a shiny little brioche bun and people will be impressed and in awe of your talents (trust me). Luckily, this version also happens to be delicious. Braising the pork takes time, but all the components can be made a day ahead and the time will be well-spent. This is a classic Chinese preparation of pork belly — I use rock sugar that I get at the Asian grocery, but you could replace it with brown sugar with basically the same result. The mushroom soy is a very dark soy sauce that is delicious and worth seeking out. If you can’t find it just go ahead and replace it with regular soy.

The slaw recipe is great by itself, with BBQ, salmon or even a simple cheeseburger.

Molly Quirk is executive chef and owner of Sips & Bites Catering.