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Chef Naomi Pomeroy's porcini braised chicken thighs are a hearty, savory, simple dinner.

We’re craving porcini braised chicken thighs, thanks to James Beard Award–winning chef Naomi Pomeroy’s fantastic new cookbook. Taste & Technique is a collection of Pomeroy’s favorite recipes and the step-by-step skills you’ll need to pull them off expertly at home. Dig into this informative book and up your dinner party game with dishes like these!

This is a rustic one-pot meal to serve directly out of the Dutch oven in which it is cooked. Porcini mushrooms have an earthy, savory quality that combines with the stock, wine and concentrated meat flavor from the thighs to create a lovely richness. The contrast of crisp skin against tender braised meat and soft vegetables is fantastic as well.

I recommend using this recipe to learn how to braise. If you don’t have a Dutch oven, it’s possible to sear the chicken in a large sauté pan, transfer it to a roasting pan to finish cooking in the oven, and serve it in a pretty casserole dish.

This simple meal is all about balance, and people are always impressed by how delicious it is. I don’t always save the vegetables from a braise because they often wind up limp and soggy, but these are very much worth eating.

Reprinted with permission from Taste & Technique