Culinary superstar Missy Robbins has a collection of recipes out that will renew your love of jazzed-up home cooking. All these dishes are accessible and prefaced by anecdotes by Robbins that will delight you and pump you up for some awesome culinary projects. This polenta-crusted fried chicken will blow your go-to recipe out of the water. 

Fried chicken is pure indulgence and joy, which is also how I would characterize the memory of when this recipe was born. During a laid-back and spontaneous afternoon hanging out with my then-neighbor, now business partner, Sean, we turned on the TV and saw that the esteemed chef, Sean Brock, happened to be making fried chicken on a show. This made us both really hungry and sent us immediately to the store to buy ingredients and make our own fried chicken dinner. This an ode to chef Sean, because his southern techniques are tried and true, but I deviate a little by adding my own flavors. I think he might approve because the result is still sweet, spicy, crunchy, and tender — all the things you want in a crispy bird.

Reprinted with permission from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner…Life