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photo: Food Thinkers on Flickr

Maybe you’ve had pineapple soda when bouncing around India or Africa. Perhaps you’re just back from the Bahamas and tried it for the first time. You’ve probably had a form of pineapple soda if you live in the US, where Fanta is widely available, or the UK, where a close approximation is Lilt. And that’s all well and good, but did you know that you can make it yourself?

First, you make the syrup, which isn’t all that hard. You can do all sorts of things with this syrup, but for the purposes of today’s lesson, we’re going to make pineapple soda with a touch of mint just for added refreshment. Follow the directions below, sit under the nearest palm tree and feel the tropical vibe envelop your body. Suddenly, all is right withe the world, thanks to pineapple soda.