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The secret to a moist and tender chop is pickle juice. (Photo: William Brinson.)

If you thought a book about pickled and fermented stuff would be all Greek yogurt and kombucha, you might be right. But if you pick up Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen by culinary specialist and cookbook author Leda Schientaub, you'll be presently surprised by meaty soups, hearty pastas and delicious fried stuff…all enhanced by the cultured ingredients in your pantry and fridge (or the ones you make yourself). Don't toss that pickle juice! Pick up some pork chops and get brining.

Pickle juice serves as our brine for a moist, tender and infused-with-flavor chop. You can use pickle juice as the brine for other cuts of meat such as steak, chicken and turkey, too: remember this and you'll never toss the juice from your pickle jar again! The chops are finished with mustard and créme fraîche for a cultured flourish, thanks to the superior flavors that fermentation brings to the plate. Serve with cultured applesauce and it will be over the top.

Reprinted with permission from Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen