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If you're looking for something to shatter your Instagram record, we suggest lobster mac and cheese.

Food blogger and Instagrammer Dennis Prescott has a cookbook out that’s made for breaking your own Instagram records. Dig into Prescott’s recipes for comfort food from every corner of the earth, and start with this lobster mac and cheese. It’s a labor of love that’s worth every moment in the kitchen.

Mac and cheese is the undefeated reigning champ of pasta-grade comfort food. It’s everything that a big bowl of happy, euphoric food should be: extra saucy, extra cheesy, and perfectly carb loaded. As a lad who was raised on the boxed stuff poorly attempting to impersonate a proper mac, I can unequivocally guarantee this: Scratch-made is infinitely, life-changingly better. One bite of real and fake is forever ruined.

Here is my go-to mac, Maritime-style. Loaded with fresh lobster and topped with a lemony bread crumb crunch, this is the ultimate feel-good dish.

Reprinted with permission from Eat Delicious