Classic cream cheese-filled jalapeño poppers can be found all over the place, so when I planned our last Test Kitchen menu I made sure to include three different spins.

I love mashing up awesome recipes to make ultimate ones — take the potato chorizo taco bites for instance. Can’t decide between potato-chorizo tacos, potato skins and deviled eggs? Now you don’t have to. The same applies to these Philly Cheesesteak Jalapeño Poppers. Combine classic Philadelphia cream cheese with shredded provolone for that authentic Philly cheesesteak taste with a melty-stretchy hit. Not enough brotherly love for you? Fine, dip ’em in Cheez-Whiz. But you’d better Instagram it.

Use the smallest spoon you have to loosen and remove the seeds from the jalapeño. Authentic cheesesteaks aren’t so spicy you can’t taste them.