Mark Leslie knows pasta. He is the author of Beyond the Pasta, a memoir with recipes from his experiences in Italy, where he learned the mastery of cooking his noodles with everything from pollo to pomodori and beyond. Though he works as a stage manager in professional theater, Mark travels to Italy each year to fulfill his passion for everything Italian, and he keeps fellow pasta fanatics up to date on his blog.

I love it when the Italian language takes the meaning of one word and uses it to explain another. The “spicy heat” in this penne all’arrabbiata con panna dish is reflected in the word “arrabbiata,” which means “to go mad” when applied to dogs and “to be angry” when applied to people. To increase your “rage” or the “foaming of the dog,” add dashes of pepper sauce to your plate at the table until you scream or howl at the moon!

How spicy do you like your penne all’arrabbiata? Share your war stories in comments.