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There’s nothing like simple food cooked in your kitchen, which is why we love cooking our way through food writer and cookbook author Rachel Khoo’s brand-new book. This vertically baked mushroom cream pasta may not look so simple, but once you’ve mastered the uncomplicated technique of vertical arrangement, you may never serve tubular pasta horizontally again.

Creamy sauce and earthy mushrooms is a tried and tested combination that never fails. Some might think it’s a little boring and old school, but I’ve discovered a fun way of pepping up a classic. Replace boring button mushrooms with some exotic Asian mushrooms and the recipe gets an instant face-lift; pair them with lots of bubbling cheese and you are on to a winner.

Get ahead: Make up the pasta dishes a few hours before, but add 10 minutes to the cooking time if baking straight from the refrigerator. The sauce (béchamel) can be made up to one day in advance. Place some plastic wrap directly on the sauce when storing in the refrigerator to prevent a skin from forming. Whisk well to break up any lumps before using.

Reprinted with permission from Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook